Bayou Path Dr Stream in Atwater Subdivision


Naperville, Illinois, United States

The monitoring site is at a concrete culvert that is channeling outflow from the large south pond in the Atwater subdivision into a stream. The stream flows north along Bayou Path Drive until it enters a culvert leading underneath Bayou Path Drive. The water is moving and in previous winters, has been one of the last places to ice over.

Location created by
Lisa Hjorth

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Stream was free of any debris or litter. The stream was flowing fast. You could not see the bottom. The chloride reading was rather faint compared to earlier tests, so I included a close-up picture to show the peak better.

05 May 16:03 by Lisa Hjorth

Testing site clear of trash, just some tree branches. Water flow was very steady. Upon completion of testing a small sized muskrat swam upstream through one of the culverts (test site) and through the yellow strainers into the big pond. It was not bothered by my close proximity.

14 Apr 12:04 by Lisa Hjorth

Water levels were fairly high due to recent rains.

16 Mar 11:04 by Lisa Hjorth

Between the January test and this test 10-14 days of frigid weather, snow, ice, wintry mix (sleet, rain) and days of rain were experienced. Salting of a nearby road also occurred.

09 Feb 15:46 by Lisa Hjorth

Several snowstorms and road salting occurred prior to today's test. There was a steady flow of water and easy access to sample. Portions of the main pond were starting to ice over. Significant (6-12") snow and frigid (single digit) days starting on 01.12.24.

11 Jan 14:31 by Lisa Hjorth