Saint Joseph Creek

Saint Joseph Creek

Lisle, Illinois, United States

The site is a bridge where Ogden Avenue crosses Saint Joseph Creek. The creek does have flowing water most of the time unless there has been a drought. A sample is easily taken by lowering a bucket by rope over the railing of the bridge from the sidewalk next to the bridge.

Location created by
Robert Swirsky
  • Lat: 41.8017268
  • Lng: -88.0688737
  • Waterbody Type: Creek
  • Timezone: America/Chicago

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The results of the duplicate test (test #2) were the same as the first test.
Quantab units = 7.0, PPM Chloride= 435

26 Feb 13:45 by Robert Swirsky

The Quantab Units result was actually 8.8 indicating that the PPM of Chloride would actually be over the amount of 620 as reported. The roads had been heavily during the previous 24 hours or more.

13 Jan 12:30 by Robert Swirsky

The road over the bridge and roads upstream of the site had been salted prior to the light snowfall.

31 Dec 12:50 by Robert Swirsky