Downstream of Slyfield Treatment Works

River Wey

Burpham, Surrey, United Kingdom

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Kat Kavanagh

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3 kites over Slyfield, crows mobbing them

24 May 14:55 by Alan Thorogood

Both Total Coliforms and E.coli were above detection limit with 50% dilution. Reading >4839.2CFU/100mL.

11 May 09:45 by Alan Thorogood

Total coliforms were both above the range: >2419.6 CFU/100mL.
E. coli reading was a reading of 2419.6CFU/100mL. (1 small well was not fluorescent).

03 May 09:30 by Alan Thorogood

E. coli using Fluidium. IDEXX Colilert read >2419 CFU/100mL

26 Apr 09:50 by Alan Thorogood

Oppersite river bank landscape is changing fast, river bank trees and scrub all removed prior to large housing development and new sewage works. Fencing put up further back , cranes starting to work on the development site. Ecologists green net fencing now all removed on this oppersite river bank. River very high today and surging fast after storm Garrick.

30 Mar 16:33 by Sarah Davis

River High , following heavy rain fall over last week. Flood alert issued for Upper River Wey by Environment Agency.

25 Feb 13:50 by Sarah Davis

Whiff of sewage

22 Sep 10:20 by Alan Thorogood

We saw lots of Birds today on the river. Ducks, Heron, Coots, Grebe.
Thew Sewage smell was very strong today coming from the Sewage works , with a fair breeze blowing at times. The Sewage works is being decommissioned and being re built further down stream.

27 Aug 11:50 by Sarah Davis

Damsel flies around. One duck. Slow moving water. No smell! Don’t understand conductivity reading -calibrate reader?

25 Jun 12:10 by Alan Thorogood

Lots of Bird Wildlife seen today ( See Stock Lock Pontoon) We also saw More Hens on the river.
High fast flowing river , lots of rain over last 24 hours, so 'Out Let' Pipe from sewage works at Slyfield was racing out fast into the river, difficult to tell colour as moving so fast. Some Scum on river surface.

24 Apr 11:45 by Sarah Davis