Harms Woods/Glenview Woods

North Branch of the Chicago River

Glenview, Illinois, United States

Location created by
Mac Austin

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River very low, very clear, moving pretty slowly. Lots of animal prints in the mud where sample is taken. A few people + dogs on the trails.

25 Apr 16:36 by Mac Austin

Raccoon[?] tracks at edge of river. Lots of robins. River water level low. Light snow.

22 Mar 09:53 by Mac Austin

Sunny and unusually warm. River is very low. Snow squall 2 days ago, about 2” accumulation.only tiny pockets of snow and no ice present now.

25 Feb 13:23 by Mac Austin

River very high and moving very fast. A few downed trees.

27 Jan 12:51 by Mac Austin

Ice on edges of river. No thermometer so couldn’t check water temp. Flow of moving water pretty good. Previous 5 days: rain then snow then subzero temps.

17 Jan 13:22 by Mac Austin

Very high water. Lots of rain and snow but above freezing temps in the last week. Salt trucks have been out though.

11 Jan 15:53 by Mac Austin

River flowing well. Water fairly high. Snow 1 week ago but didnt stick to pavement. Some ice on pavements though. Roads not salted.

02 Dec 10:53 by Mac Austin

River is low and very clear. Lots of people and dogs walking. A few ducks.

05 Nov 13:34 by Mac Austin

River flowing quickly. Very high. Snow 1-2” two days ago. Melted quickly.

27 Feb 12:56 by Mac Austin

Dead heron in water close to where I collect. Doesn’t appear to be any new beaver activity.

08 Feb 13:30 by Mac Austin