River Bend Forest Preserve site

Sangamon River

Mahomet, Illinois, United States

This site on the large gravel bar located on the west bank of the river about 160 feet upstream of the giant log jam. The exact location is strait forward as you exit the foot path onto the gravel bar.

Location created by
Bruce M Colravy
  • Group: Winter Chloride Watchers
  • Site ID: R05-001-08
  • Lat: 40.1868745
  • Lng: -88.420136
  • Waterbody Type: River
  • Timezone: America/Chicago

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The value for conductivity was entered as 33ppm, but the actual value is slightly less because the lowest conversion chart value is 33ppm.

26 Mar 09:39 by Bruce M Colravy

The chloride value entered was 33, the actual value is a little less because 33 was the lowest value on the conversion chart.

15 May 08:50 by Bruce M Colravy

This monitoring event one week late due to flooding.

10 Apr 08:12 by Bruce M Colravy

1 adult stonefly observed at the site

20 Mar 04:05 by Bruce M Colravy

1 duck flew from site, was not able to id.

06 Mar 08:02 by Bruce M Colravy

Monitored 1 week late due to high water levels and excessive ice.
Stream flow (cfs) from USGS gage 05570910.
Observed 1 adult winter stonefly and 10 geese at testing site

27 Feb 09:34 by Bruce M Colravy

Ice has prevented operation of river gage #05570910 discharge, so cfs flow has been unavailable.

Birds were noticeably more vocal than they have been the last several weeks.

06 Feb 10:27 by Bruce M Colravy

A large number of geese were present at the River Bend Forest Preserve. No other wildlife observed.

23 Jan 09:25 by Bruce M Colravy

Roadways were salted the evening before and morning of monitoring. A Pileated Woodpecker was seen when we enter the preserve. No other wildlife was observed.

09 Jan 18:37 by Bruce M Colravy

The chloride ppm(mg/L) value is entered as 33 because that is the lowest value on the conversion card. The true value is a little less.

Common gartersnake (Thamnophis sirtalis) observed on the trail to the site. Needed professional help identifying, because it was a stripeless morph and it had lateral red interscale pigment that is an occasional trait.

07 Nov 11:26 by Bruce M Colravy