Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve

Sangamon River

Mahomet, Illinois, United States

The sample location is on the north bank of the river, 150 feet downstream of the covered bridge. A sandbar allows for access to the water when the river is near average flow.

Location created by
Bruce M Colravy
  • Group: Winter Chloride Watchers
  • Site ID: R05-001-04
  • Lat: 40.2040143
  • Lng: -88.3871126
  • Waterbody Type: River
  • Timezone: America/Chicago

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Although 28 was enter as the value for chloride, the actual value is slightly less but the conversion chart only goes as low as 28.

04 May 16:12 by Bruce M Colravy

The value for conductivity was entered as 33ppm, but the actual value is slightly less because the lowest conversion chart value is 33ppm.

26 Mar 10:18 by Bruce M Colravy

Although chloride values are entered at 33 mg/l the value is slightly less than that, because the lowest value on the conversion chart is 33 mg/l.

12 Mar 10:35 by Bruce M Colravy

4 mallard ducks and 2 geese on the water, several bluebirds in the trees

12 Feb 10:00 by Bruce M Colravy

Monitoring delayed a week due to flooding.

10 Apr 08:53 by Bruce M Colravy

2 stoneflies observed at the site

19 Mar 04:55 by Bruce M Colravy

15 geese observed on the water at the testing site.
Monitored 1 week late due to high water levels and ice.

27 Feb 08:10 by Bruce M Colravy

Ice has prevented operation of river gage #05570910 discharge, so cfs flow has been unavailable.

Birds were noticeably more vocal than they have been the last several weeks.

06 Feb 11:18 by Bruce M Colravy

No wildlife observed.

09 Jan 11:00 by Bruce M Colravy

The stream flow (cfs) was from USGS gage number 05570910.

For the chloride (mg/l) value, 33 was entered because it was the lowest value on the conversion card. The actual value is a little less than 33.

28 Nov 11:21 by Bruce M Colravy