KC's Dock

Lake Cane

Orlando, Florida, United States

Location created by
Shannon Monahan

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Clarity taken 20' further down dock.

13 May 09:35 by Casey Johnson

Secchi depth taken 20ft further down the dock.

30 Apr 09:15 by Casey Johnson

Secci depth taken 15ft further down the dock.

23 Apr 09:30 by Casey Johnson

Secci depth taken 20' further down the dock.

20 Mar 09:45 by Casey Johnson

I tested water where bottom is visible (and where we've tested for a couple years.) I tested clarity 10ft further down the dock where the water is deeper.

12 Mar 09:45 by Casey Johnson

Air temperature edited from 79 to 26°C by admin

28 Aug 08:18 by Casey Johnson

Lots of yellow/green "dust" coating the water surface and floating beneath.

02 Feb 08:20 by Casey Johnson

First test 5 days after Hurricane Ian.

03 Oct 09:10 by Casey Johnson

There was a layer of bright green/yellow scum on the surface (see pictures.) There were also lots of green globs below the surgace. Pollen?

27 Feb 17:30 by Casey Johnson

Saw a snapping turtle bobbing along under the dock. :)

03 Jan 09:30 by Casey Johnson