Humber Arboretum Stone Skipping Spot

West Humber River

Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

The river is fairly shallow at this bend and a small part of the riverbed here is often dry and forms a sort of riverside beach. It is not safe to visit after heavy rains as it will be submerged. It is accessed by a path through the bushes which is between the bridge to Woodbine Mall and the path into the Arboretum's lower woodlands. It is a popular spot for visiting school groups and nature campers to learn to skip stones.

Location created by
Marilyn Campbell

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Scum on the surface in the sampling location. Water level is relatively low.

26 Feb 17:19 by Jenny Hill

River level is lower than last visit.

12 Feb 14:33 by Jenny Hill

River deeper and faster than 10 Jan.

26 Jan 17:30 by Jenny Hill

River deeper and faster than Dec 20.

10 Jan 13:52 by Jenny Hill

Heard geese, mallards and coyotes?
Half moon, low arcraft overhead.

20 Dec 16:55 by Jenny Hill

Water was high, covering the stone beach.
Lots of perching birds around including ruby-crowned kinglet, chickadees, and a brown creeper.
Mammals included a squirrel by the water and a chipmunk along the trail nearby.

17 Oct 12:15 by Marilyn Campbell

- Coincidentally, there were about 25 Grade 6 students doing water testing of their own as part of the Humber Arboretum's River Studies school program
- all the rubber-booted kids standing in the river alerted me to various fish and crayfish

10 Oct 13:10 by Marilyn Campbell

- two blue herons; one which flew by and another which strolled right by the testing site
- also some migrating warblers around, although I didn't get a good enough look to ID them

03 Oct 13:00 by Marilyn Campbell

- No visible issues
- Some birds heard but not seen
- Both sides of the river are lined with trees. There is one tree at the water's edge by the testing site; fallen leaves from it were within the testing area. Will try to ID tree later.
- Tree right at testing area has a mushroom growing out of the trunk
- Water temperature may be off; was unable to reach a spot 10 cm deep.

26 Sep 13:00 by Marilyn Campbell