One Mile Creek

Mobile, Alabama, United States

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Turbid water, vegetation, still water

17 Mar 16:14 by Cade Kistler

The water is very murky and there are algae and litter getters and dissolved oxygen and vegetation grown

13 Dec 10:01 by Cade Kistler

Natural vegetation, a lot of plastic, no flow, litter getter, overcast, variation in leaf color a thick extra film of oil

14 Nov 09:57 by Cade Kistler

Flourometer 35.56

11 Apr 09:15 by Cade Kistler

21.7 FL

19 Mar 09:37 by Cade Kistler

Trash vegetation. Turbid. Not flowing much. Cloudy water

19 Feb 10:38 by Cade Kistler

Optical brighteners 75.94

19 Apr 09:53 by Diego Calderon-Arrieta

Sunny, slow moving Creek .OB:1001.5

22 Feb 09:49 by Waterboys