Nunda Township/Prairie Trail Bridge


Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States

Fox River watershed. Near Nunda Township Road District offices.

Location created by
Erik Gullickson
  • Lat: 42.2763414
  • Lng: -88.3010232
  • Waterbody Type: Creek
  • Timezone: UTC

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Wet conditions during the week led to numerous earthworms washing out into the waterway. See photo.

07 Apr 14:13 by Erik Gullickson

Duplicate test strip=3.8 Quantab Units 140 ppm

11 Feb 20:14 by Erik Gullickson

Water level was up compared to last test date due to ice and snow melt.

27 Jan 21:29 by Erik Gullickson

See: melting snow

07 Jan 20:34 by Erik Gullickson

Foggy, damp air. Near road, car noise. Birds nearby chirping.

23 Dec 17:38 by Erik Gullickson