DuPage River at Riverwalk South Covered Bridge

DuPage River

Naperville, Illinois, United States

The sampling site is just east of the South Covered Bridge on the Naperville Riverwalk. It is at the end of the foot path coming from North Central College.

The water is moving. During winter months, water levels are high. There is a stepped bank, so it is safe to go near the water.

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Shelley Birdsong

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Can tell there was a River Sweep! Looks great down here.
Construction on Washington bridge continues.
Used two test strips today.
Really close to 4.4 QU but rounded up.

01 May 09:05 by Shelley Birdsong

Still construction just up river on Washington Bridge. Muggy.

27 Apr 09:42 by Shelley Birdsong

Not much has changed. Still construction. Hasn't snowed significantly.
Photo credit: Abi Phanor

27 Mar 11:30 by Shelley Birdsong

There is construction happening, the river flow is moderate.
Second test strip at 287 ppm

09 Feb 11:33 by Shelley Birdsong

Construction continues just up river. River was high and moving.
Students from ENVI 210 (Sustainability) part of testing and recording results.

29 Jan 11:45 by Shelley Birdsong

Construction on Washington Bridge just up stream still active.

14 Dec 10:35 by Shelley Birdsong