Copper Slough at Porter Park

Copper Slough

Champaign, Illinois, United States

About, half a mile from the parking lot in Porter Park. You can use a bucket to access the water from the bridge. This site can be accessed from Iron Wood Neighborhood.

Location created by
Lainey Howard

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Water was significantly clearer than past the past few weeks.

09 Feb 17:44 by Lainey Howard

A group of four mallards (two female and two male) were spotted at the site.

04 Feb 10:22 by Lainey Howard

A week before observation there was ice covering most roads in the area.

29 Jan 16:21 by Lainey Howard

There has been extremely low temperatures and light snowing throughout the week before this observation

19 Jan 18:27 by Lainey Howard

Snow storm occurred a few days before observation.

15 Jan 17:19 by Lainey Howard

A group of about 8 Mallards observed slightly downstream of the site.

05 Jan 11:22 by Lainey Howard