Pond at Briarcliff Neighborhood Beach

Pond at Briarcliff Neighborhood

Mahomet, Illinois, United States

The pond is accessible to anyone who lives in briarcliff and anyone who has permission from a resident .This pound through a spillway drains into the Sangamon . This lake has occasionally had growths of blue green algae. If this blue green algae is present avoid touching the algae or the water as the algae is toxic.

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Lainey Howard

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Two geese were seen at the sight.

16 Feb 06:55 by Lainey Howard

Ice covered most of the roads in the area a week before the observation. Although entered in as 30 ppm the actual amount was lower however my chart only goes down to 30 ppm.

29 Jan 17:06 by Lainey Howard

There have been extremely low temperatures and light snowing throughout the week preceding this observation.

19 Jan 17:40 by Lainey Howard

A snow storm occurred a few days before observation.

15 Jan 17:11 by Lainey Howard