Thunderbird Trail Crossing of Kline Creek

Kline Creek

Carol Stream, Illinois, United States

Pedestrian bridge on the north side of Thunderbird Trail. The sample was taken with a bucket from the bridge.

Location created by
David Bohnsack
  • Group: Winter Chloride Watchers
  • Site ID: CSKC-2
  • Lat: 41.9101401
  • Lng: -88.1296093
  • Waterbody Type: Creek
  • Timezone: America/Chicago

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Stream stagnant. All flow for weeks has come from Thunderbird Creek since Kline Creek is blocked at Aztec Rd for stream bank enhancement work.

22 Apr 13:35 by David Bohnsack

Water levels are high with 5.66 cm of rain in the last 6 days. Extensive upstream bank work in progress.

10 Mar 15:00 by David Bohnsack

498 ppm

11 Feb 15:34 by David Bohnsack

Reading #2 151 ppm

20 Dec 12:16 by David Bohnsack