Lake Run at Nelson Lake in Dick Young Forest Preserve

Lake Run

Batavia, Illinois, United States

Lake Run stream running from Nelson Lake in Dick Young Forest Preserve. Stream is moving water. Samples taken from Audubon Bridge

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Maureen Mrenna

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Sunny day. Water slightly cloudy

30 Apr 11:34 by Maureen Mrenna

Windy and gray but still hear chorus frogs and red winged blackbirds, robins and golden-crowned kinglets

30 Mar 15:28 by Maureen Mrenna

Nelson lake entirely iced over but stream clear of ice and free flowing - over it’s banks in part

28 Jan 10:51 by Maureen Mrenna

Test strip registered less than 1.0 quantab unit and retest measured just over 1.0 quantab units so both below the 1.4 minimum on Quantab scale.

28 Nov 11:56 by Maureen Mrenna