Long Run Creek - Homer Glen, IL

Long Run Creek

Homer Glen, Illinois, United States

Long Run Creek in Homer Glen (Will County), IL. The site is located in the pubic right-of-way on the east side of Parker Road about a 1/2 mile north of intersection of Parker Road and 143rd Street.

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Greg Vejvoda

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It rained yesterday afternoon into the night. Higher water level in the creek than normal. Higher flow than normal.

14 May 10:27 by Greg Vejvoda

Performed quality control test on sample using two tabs. The test results were identical.

25 Mar 10:40 by Greg Vejvoda

We experienced a dusting of snow the night of 2-23-2024. Not a lot, but enough to bring the salt trucks out. The snow melted the next day.

26 Feb 10:45 by Greg Vejvoda

It snowed a few times over the last week and a half. About one foot of accumulated snow is presently on the ground. Temps were mostly in the single digits (Fahrenheit).

18 Jan 12:57 by Greg Vejvoda

There was zero precip over the last 24 hours. Zero ice present. Quantab chloride reading peaked slightly over the 3 unit mark on tab. Reported reading was rounded up to 3.2 units (103 PPM).

12 Dec 10:15 by Greg Vejvoda

The chloride reading on the Quantab faintly maxed out at 3.2 units. The faint tip of the reading is hard to see in the photo.

24 Nov 14:53 by Greg Vejvoda