Emily Oaks Nature Center

Emily Oaks. Pond

Skokie, Illinois, United States

Smallish pond surrounded by oak dominant forest. Lots of algae. Next to the Skokie Swift rapid transit.

Location created by
Mac Austin

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Friendly goose. Algae has started to grow for the season. Straw added to the ground near the testing area of the pond.
Chloride level actually showing (usually close to invisible). At about .6 on the strip.

22 Mar 15:43 by Mac Austin

Few ducks and geese. No ice or snow. Snow squall and 2” accumulation 2 days ago. Chloride >28 but above 0 for the first time.

25 Feb 18:53 by Mac Austin

Chloride strip showing some slight presence of chloride for the first time this season.

27 Jan 18:21 by Mac Austin

Birds, some snow on the ground. Thin ice on the pond. Pond level doesn’t seem high despite rains.

11 Jan 22:29 by Mac Austin

This ice on about 1/4 of pond. Ducks. Snowed one week ago but did not stick on pavement. Roads were not iced. Chloride much less than 28

02 Dec 17:31 by Mac Austin

Algae has died back. Lots of decaying leaves in water. Chloride level actually below 28. Reads .6

05 Nov 19:02 by Mac Austin