Clark Park Boathouse

Chicago River

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Boat launch on west side of river between Addison and Belmont

Location created by
Susanna Lang

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Lots of mallards and a flock of geese arrived noisily as I approached. One goldeneye in sight and more about 1/3 mile north.

08 Feb 20:23 by Susanna Lang

Mallards and geese near the dock, goldeneyes a half mile north. Gulls and crows. Snow is melting.

02 Feb 20:51 by Susanna Lang

No ducks or geese on the dock but 2 mallards swimming nearby, and earlier I saw more mallards plus geese and goldeneyes a little north of here

27 Jan 22:03 by Susanna Lang

Geese and mallards as always, but this time they followed to where I sat to make my report

20 Jan 20:23 by Susanna Lang

As usual, lots of mallards

11 Jan 20:23 by Susanna Lang