Apple Orchard Park - Mendota Creek

Little Vermillion River

Mendota, Illinois, United States

After passing through Mendota, creek runs through Apple Orchard Park near the local train tracks. Water is usually moving, travels under a bridge. Danger is minimal - climbing down the rocks and falling is the danger here.

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Amy Brewer

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This reading, on the same afternoon, was taken in town, downstream from another reading I did. This one was 102, and the one before the water passes through town was 43. I'll keep checking and see if it is consistently higher after passing through town.

13 Dec 16:15 by Amy Brewer

Ice storm earlier in the week - lots of extra salt on the streets in town.

19 Feb 17:56 by Amy Brewer

This spot is at the end of the creek's run through town. My other observations are at the creeks entry into town and then a few miles away from town. I hope to see if there is any significant difference after passing through the lake, and through town, and then through the farm fields a few miles. Site # R0415502

20 Dec 11:22 by Amy Brewer

Site # R0415502

22 Nov 11:09 by Amy Brewer