Snyder's Grove

Little Vermillion River

Mendota, Illinois, United States

From Snyder's Grove parking lot, walk to footbridge. Cross bridge and take sample at the west bank where access is easiest. Water is moving, a riffle. Site is not dangerous unless at flood stage.

Location created by
Amy Brewer
  • Group: Winter Chloride Watchers
  • Site ID: R0410101
  • Lat: 41.5194449
  • Lng: -89.0870192
  • Waterbody Type: River
  • Timezone: America/Chicago

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ice storm earlier in the week. Lots of extra salt on the streets in town.

19 Feb 17:59 by Amy Brewer

This site is at the end of my observation area - testing the Mendota Creek feeding into the Little Vermillion here after running through a flood control lake, our town and miles of farm fields.

20 Dec 11:27 by Amy Brewer

flowing particulate visible. site# R0410101

21 Nov 10:20 by Amy Brewer