Whether you're two or 20 people coming together to make a difference, organizing yourselves into a group is the best way to do it.

Why create a group?

Creating a group on Water Rangers allows you to:

  • Store your volunteers' data in one place, with the ability to download it at anytime
  • Choose to share your data with DataStream
  • Get daily, weekly, or monthly updates of your group's activity
  • Help fix mistakes with your volunteers' observations, and reassign observations to other users
  • Organize and encourage group members with leaderboard challenges
  • Publicize your organization and link back to your own website
  • Draw a regional shape to show people where you're testing and get notified by email of new activity in the region

Ready to add your group?

Creating a group is free and easy to do. If you're looking to start a group and don't have existing testing equipment, we encourage you to follow the Water Rangers protocol.

Questions before you sign up? There's lots more information about how to start your group here.

In order to add your group, you need to sign up for a free user account: Sign Up

Add your group now!